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Turn on the power to the Controller and the Zodiac TRi. indd 6 23/6/09 3:58:59 PM. Votre électrolyseur Zodiac TRi est équipé d’une mémoire interne. 2) Using the appliance’s own timers (see the ‘Timers’ chapter) in order to operate independently from the ltering. , used under license. ZODIAC TRi Xo Cell ---Check Cell message--I recently had the message "CHECK CELL" and the blue power light flashes on my Zodiac Tri Xo. Do NOT under any circumstances store the acid container underneath the power pack unit. If service is required, simply present your manual with the attached receipt at any Zodiac waranty center.

TRi,TRi low salt TRi pH and TRi PRO. manual speed controls for the Zodiac ePump™ Variable Speed Pump. My chlorinator started giving Low salt alarm, even with recommended salt concentration i. Magnapool hydroxinator iQ Manual. There are two major benefits in owning a Zodiac LM3 Saltwater Chlorinator. Switch off the fi ltration system by cutting off mains supply into zodiac fi ltration’s electric enclosure.

NOTE: For safety reasons, the TRi chlorine generator will continually dose chlorine for a maximum of 30 hours if left running with no ‘OFF’ time – unless connected to en external controller. YES NO Add salt to compensate. Switch off the Zodiac TRi salt water chlorinator by pressing the button. If you&39;d like to connect with a local pool zodiac tri manuale professional, we recommend using our Dealer Locator. 1 Starting up the TRi salt water chlorinator Xe TRi chlorine production can be controlled in several ways: 1) Manual se^ing to a production level with programming using an external timer (ltering control box).

Manuals and User Guides for Zodiac TRi. Remove the silver cover cap (1). 2 Installing the TRi pH or TRi PRO module • Turn off your Zodiac TRi salt chlorinator and then filtration by cutting off the main electricity supply in order to isolate the installation. Le coffret de commande Zodiac TRI sur lequel vient se raccorder le module TRi PRO ne doit pas être en contact avec l’eau et doit être installé à au moins 3,50 mètres du volume d’eau de la piscine (norme NF C15-100). Pool automation is a breeze with the AquaLink TRi, a user-friendly and affordable pool and spa controller. The gas coming off the cell was very good so why was I getting this message? TRI Manual TRI Manual TRi pH Manual TRi PRO Manual. Salt Chlorinators.

No other person is to install, service or troubleshoot this C Series Chlorinator. Page 18 SETTING THE MODE TO LOW: IMPORTANT IF USING A POOL COVER If your pool has a cover, you should set the output level to “low”. SALT CHLORINATION. And, with the iAquaLink app, you can access all your pool settings from any smartphone, tablet or web-connected device.

The speed is saved as it is adjusted. Plug your pool pump into the outlet socket in the bottom of the TRi (this will allow the TRi timer to control the filtration times) 7. NOTE: This manual is for use by licensed electricians or trained pool professionals only.

Zodiac LM3 Salt Water Chlorinator Owners Manual Congratulations on having purchased a Zodiac LM3 Saltwater Chlorinator for your pool. 2115 South Service Road West, Unit 3, Oakville ON L6L 5W2 Canada. TRi pH module = pH regulation function added to the TRi chlorinator. For in-depth information and instructions for your Zodiac product, search or navigate through the Equipment zodiac tri manuale Assistance library below.

Tutorial Manual instalación Clorador salino Tri Zodiac. Summary of Contents for Zodiac TRi Series Page 1 Instructi ons for installati on and use - English Salt water chlorinator Translati on of the original instructi ons in french More documents on: www. EXo iQ, EXo iQ Low salt, EXO iQ pH, EXO iQ Dual Link. POSITIONING THE POWER PACK 1. After this time the TRi will switch to ‘OFF’. Available in the UK from Is the water temperature above 65˚?

TRi Pro eliminates the need to manually adjust the chlorine level in the pool - it takes care of everything, completely autonomously. The TRI Expert is the top of the range salt chlorinator from Zodiac. The Zodiac Tri-XO CrossOver Chlorinator is a new generation chlorinator allowing you to choose either traditional salt chlorination or the popular mineral salt chlorination, all at the touch of a button.

It is absolutely essential to have the pool water in good balance before turning the TRi-pH on so ensure that the pool water is correctly balanced (see page 10 of the TRi owners manual for complete list). AUTOMATIC DOSING. We have documented the powerful features of our products, and how to use them, so that you can maintain your pool with ease. Zodiac AquaLinkTRi Instructions For Installation And Use Manual 158 pages Summary of Contents for Zodiac AquaLink TRi Page 1 AquaLink ® © ZPCE - EXPERT PARTNER PROGRAMZODIAC ® is a registered trademark of Zodiac International, S. The Zodiac TRi Power pack must not come into contact with water and should be installed at least 3 metres from the inside wall of your swimming pool.

Page 18: Manual Setting TRi is being controlled by an external controller. AUTOMATIC SETTING • The Zodiac TRi-XO can be connected to the valves of an automatic pool/spa system. Lors de la première connexion électrique de TRi, il est important de laisser l’appareil sous tension durant au moins 24 heures d’affilée (filtration en marche forcée ou connexion directe). 2620 Commerce Way, Vista, CAZodiac Pool Systems Canada, Inc. and maintain your TRi-pH.

YES NO Have qualified electrician wire to 220V. You have made a wise decision and you will benefit from your Zodiac LM3 Saltwater Chlorinator for many years to come. Owner’s Manual. Only operates with the TRi salt water chlorinator. Close the valves cutting off the pipework. Ainsi, on s’assure que l’accumulateur interne soit suffisamment chargé. Zodiac Tri Chlorinator Spare Parts found in: Zodiac TRi Large Salt Cell WChlorinator Spare Part, Zodiac TRi Compact Cell W197411 (Generic) -.

Simply select the type of salt you are using from the start up screen to program it into the software. • When the input from the valves is set to ‘Low’ the TRi-XO will automatically revert to ‘Low’. • Remove the silver cover by pressing the sides and raising it, then unscrew.

para más información del producto : Tri-XO is a new generation chlorinator from Zodiac that allows the user to &39;CrossOver&39; between normal pool salt (sodium chloride) to mineral blended salts. The TiMeRs The Zodiac TRi chlorine generator comes with two inbuilt timers that. As always, refer zodiac tri manuale to your owners’ manual for more detailed advice or contact your local pool professional. Page 6 INSTALLATION GUIDE The following steps will help you get up and running with your new Zodiac TRi Chlorine generator. The TRi PRO unit features automatic regulation of the pH, or acidity level, and the TRi salt chlorinator&39;s chlorine production, with the ACL method.

The Zodiac TRi Power pack must not come into contact with water and should be installed at least 3 metres from the inside wall of your swimming pool. The up and down keys are used to adjust the pump speed. Zodiac chlorine generator available in Australia is a great product. For customer service or support: Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. If successful, a ‘ ’ symbol will appear in the top right hand corner of the screen after about 20 seconds. • Close the isolating valves in the pipework. Four speed presets are directly available on the panel, while four (4) additional presets may be accessed via the MENU key.

(By the way mine is a mineral pool but Chlorine pools will still be affected). Page 1 Instructi ons for installati on and use English Montage- und Gebrauchsanleitung Deutsch Installati e en gebruikshandleiding Nederlands Manual de instalación y de uso Espanõl Manual de instalação e uti lização Português Manuale di installazione e di uso Italiano More documents on: www. Should a lack of water be detected, the unit’s electronic flow switch is designed to turn off the system. En cas de détection de manque d’eau l’interrupteur électronique de débit est conçu pour arrêter le système. ELECTRICAL HAZARD • To reduce risk of electrical shock - Make sure all power to pool equipment area is off prior to any installation or removal of Clearwater components. 18058 Zodiac Tri Chlorine Manual. 2/ Installing TRi PRO module 1.

Is mainly intended for salt water chlorination as it can be fitted directly onto the TRI salt water chlorinator. TRi-XO allows users to select between using normal pool salt or mineral salt blends. The cell is nearing the end of its life. As well as being a great chlorinator the TRI can have some bolt on upgrades that mean you can have automatic control over your pH and you can also get it to automatically detect and dose the chlorine too. Zodiac Element™ mineral salts include magnesium chloride.

All you have to do is select the type of salt – either standard or mineral – in the start-up menu. No further action is required to save the new speed setting. An informative video of the Zodiac TRi Salt Chlorinator in action.

Zodiac recommends using manuale Element™ mineral salts if you want to have a more luxurious feeling pool. Zodiac Water Treatment Spares. Magnapool Hydroxinator iQ. Once all connections are together press the mains power switch to ON. Another tip, if your chlorinator is due for replacement you should consider Zodiac’s new TRi water care management system.

Contact Us Zodiac Group Australia 219 Woodpark Road Smithfield NSW 2164 Phone:Fax:apac. We have 1 Zodiac TRi manual available for free PDF download: Instruction Manual And Warranty Card Zodiac TRi Instruction Manual And Warranty Card (28 pages). Automatic pH regulation (acid dosing) to automatically control the balance of the pool water. The Zodiac range of swimming pool chlorine generators (also referred to as saltwater chlorinators) create their own chlorine in the pool water, meaning you don&39;t need to add chlorine to your pool manually. The AquaLink TRi allows you to control multiple devices within zodiac tri manuale a simple and intuitive interface. Created Date: 10:21:42 AM.

EXo iQ Manual EXo iQ Low Salt Manual. Simply select the type of salt you will be using - ‘ (standard) salt’ or ‘mineral (salt)’ in the start-up menu, and the chlorinator takes care of the rest.

Zodiac tri manuale

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